Helping To Develop Skills in Las Vegas

workingThere are lots of ways to help people develop work skills for their livelihood, one way is hiring nonprofessionals to do the job or at least assist on the job. I was able to do this a while back, I had a small project, an extension for my garage, and I decided to do all of the work myself. Of course it would have taken too much time if I did all the work myself so I decided to find a few people to employ, and at the same time teach. My helper/friend, told me of her cousins that just moved to the country, looking for work, and while I couldn’t give them something permanent, I offered them the opportunity to learn a new skill and make some money on the side.

Competent and Trustworthy

Bail Bonds in Rancho CucamongaI was happy working with them on the project, they were quite skilled with tools, though I had to teach them a thing or two, and how to file for paperwork when it comes to doing construction jobs on homes, they were competent and trustworthy. I thought that the teaching would be one way, but on the contrary, they taught me a few things as well. They might have been working for me but they became good buddies. As we accomplished the task for the day we celebrated with a few beers and a barbecue, it was then that I realized that had I hired a contractor to do the job I would have not made new friends and help build people.

The Ability to Adapt and Learn

Bail Bonds in San Diego When a man is in a new environment, no matter how much the rules change, it is in his best interest to learn and adapt, they taught me that. They were used to certain building standards back home, but when I told them that that was not how we did things, they listened up and made sure to remember and apply it. It was their aim to be able to survive and thrive in their new environment, their spirit and drive is one that we must all imitate.

Completion, Reward, and Gratitude

When the work was done, everything was up to standard, and I saw that they gave everything they had to give me the best results they could give. And aside from their usual payment, I gave them all the tools we used for the project, telling them that they showed great promise in this industry. They thanked me and told me that they wanted to show their gratitude by doing something a little extra. Those guys did a termite treatment for my house… I had planned to hire a company to treat my home to avoid any of the little critters from chewing on the work done, but they told me that they had a small termite company back home and were quite knowledgeable about it.  I invited them over for a small barbecue that weekend to celebrate work well done and new friends.

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