Important Life Skills We Take For Granted

exerciseselfcontrolpictureThe importance of skills that allows us to do specific specialized tasks is clear, but there are skills in that is in all of us that we take for granted, and though it might not be something like being able to fix cars, or build houses, or cook magnificent food, these skills are the ones that allows us to achieve our goals in life. It is the lack of the development of these skills which causes us to be left behind in some aspects in life. We will only be discussing a one of these life skills today, but even with this one skill that we will discuss it will open your eyes on their importance and the probable cause of your “lack of ability”. So, let us begin!


Self-Control and Focus


More often than not, the reason we are not able to complete our tasks and fail to live up to the expectations of people like your employer, client, and even loved ones  is because of our lack of focus and self-control. The lack of these often times manifests its self as procrastination, which a lot of people, including myself tend to fall into.  Procrastinating will often put you in a situation where you either complete a task poorly or fail at it completely, which would in turn create a cycle, which will then one day make you just say “Why bother”.

Though it is best to practice and train this life skill at an early age, it is still not too late, but it won’t be easy though. By practicing self-control on small things, such us avoiding junk food or something of similarly low in importance, you can slowly develop your ability to control your desires. You will then be able to gradually practice self-control on larger more important things in your life. This process will then allow you to also train you focus, as to distract yourself from the small things you avoid you pursue other things and concentrate on them.

It is clear to me that my solution is a bit oversimplified, in fact I believe that there is a chance that it will not work for everyone, but it is a guide that will allow some to find their own way to successfully train themselves and develop their Self-control and Focus.

Its Importance and Application


When learning new skills you might find it easy when it is something you find fun to do or is passionate about, but there will always be a time in your life where things get a bit repetitive and a bit boring, no matter how much you actually love doing it there are times you just want to move on to the next project to have a more fresh view and excitement. This is when the importance of focusing in completing your tasks and the self-control to not jump to the more exciting newer project/task comes in. If you lack this important life skill, the likelihood of you ever completing anything is pretty low.

So before learning how to do things, learn to have focus and self-control.

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