So You Want To Be In the Pest Control Business

There are a lot of reasons why you would want to pursue a career, often times it is purely for the money, sometimes it’s your passion, and at times it’s just because. Regardless of your reason for pursuing a particular career or business, our job is to instruct you how to start on the path, and provide examples of successful companies in the field, that you may follow the example of.


How the Business Should Look Like

If you take a look at this company’s website, you will find an excellent example of how a pest control business should reach out to their customers. More often than not, exterminators don’t even bother with creating a proper website, if they ever at all. Doing so causes them to leave a huge customer base untapped, essentially leaving money on the table.

Unlike in the past, when having a website was just a fad and not essential, made only for the sake of having one, a website today is as important as having a proper office. People nowadays tend to do their business online, and would immediately judge a company’s capability and professionalism on the architecture of their website, and how fast your online customer service responds.

I’ve seen some companies in Charlotte, NC such as Busted Out Bail Bonds and Carpet Cleaning AMP opted on having a proper functioning website and a good Warehouse that doubles as an office, rather than having an expensive front end office to handle customers.  A decision that I am sure that saved them a good chunk of money, as the cost of having a good looking office is actually quite the yearly overhead.


How to Start

The first thing you should do, much like any business is to acquire the necessary paperwork. Depending on where you would like to put up your business, the process could vary. The License for specifically being a pest control company will also depend on where you are, for North Carolina you could know more about the requirements here.

If you would like to do the exterminator work yourself, minimizing the cost of staffing, you will need proper training, which you could either get yourself or get by working with another company for a little while. I would always recommend the latter if possible as you would be making money while learning, instead of paying to learn.


Good Luck!

While we were not able to talk about anything specific today, as requirements and training vary every state, we would be happy to provide you with some materials if you contact us. It will take time for us to respond, though, as we receive a lot of emails every day from our readers and visitors. For faster response, you could do an online search for local requirements, training, and pest control positions.

We hope that we were able to assist you in your goal somehow or at least got you started. Remember to keep on moving forward while doing your best. God speed in your new career!

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